In Memoriam

Here, we honor our brothers who have unfortunately passed away, and we reflect on the loss suffered. No words can ever take away the suffering, but our beautiful memories of them can be comforting.
Having fun together, traveling together, being one unit together, being stubborn together, staying together through the good and the bad, feeling sorrow together and finding courage again; and now we move on without our brothers, with the pain of knowing we will never be together again.

"Brothers for Life, Brothers in the Afterlife"

Remy † Maart 2014

Richard † April 2014

Rufus † Juni 2014

Peter † April 2015

Nomad Ron † Juni 2015

Captain Brian † Oktober 2015

Michael † Augustus 2016

Kris † Augustus 2016

Nicolai † September 2017

Garry † September 2017

Gerrit †

President Miura † Oktober 2018

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