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Welcome to the official website of NO SURRENDER MC. No Surrender MC is an international motorcycle club, founded in 2013 and originating from the group Ciganos in Zundert.


Our club soon became the fastest growing MC in years, both nationally and internationally, based in the Netherlands. No Surrender MC is managed by a National Board of Captains and Nomads worldwide, with each country having its own board and national board. We are a motorcycle club, with several autonomous brotherhoods. Besides these autonomous brotherhoods, the club is supported by hundreds of recognizable supporters, who wear a vest with the support badge of our club. Of course, the club also enjoys the support of many outside the official supporters mentioned.


No Surrender MC in 2020 distances itself from the past in terms of both management and policy. The current National Board worldwide has a clear vision of the future of the club. Men who recognize themselves in our lifestyle, ride motorcycles and, in whatever way, are interested in connecting with our club, can make this known by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Enjoy our website

We hope everyone enjoys our website. Keep an eye on this website for the latest news and developments regarding our club. No Surrender Forever, Forever No Surrender (NSFFNS)


Home base The Netherlands has 20 chapters and we are internationally active in the following countries: Germany, Belgium, France, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Norway, Australia, Bosnia, Russia, Morocco, Surinam and Turkey. Given the international interest and application, many more countries will follow. Our club does not have a Harley obligation. Ride what gives you the best feeling and what suits you. Our club is also open to young people aged 18 to 24, who are not yet allowed to ride “heavy” motorcycles according to the law.


In recent months we have received reports that there is a group in Duisburg (Germany) that presents itself as part of the "No Surrender MC". They use the name "No Surrender MC - La Familia" and also wear our colors. In the past period they even tried to set up new international Chapters.
We, and by this I mean the "World Board" of "No Surrender MC" want to make clear that the so-called "No Surrender MC - La Familia" acts without our permission and above all has nothing to do with our club. Their self-proclaimed leaders (Karip Senyi, Jean Paul Prati and Aboes), who call themselves Captain, have nothing to do with our club and are absolutely not part of the board.
We, "No Surrender MC", distance ourselves from this group. We do not take any responsibility for the agreements made by these people, such as the nomination of Captain or Nomad. After all, you are asked by the World Board for this position and by no one else.
To conclude, "No Surrender MC" never gave colors to this group. They may have ordered them via Ali Express. We ask those who have been approached by these people to use your brain. "No Surrender MC - La Familia" is fake!
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